What does it mean to be Team WFH? 

What's WFH?

We are...

More flexible



faster & free!!

We complete against our office-based collogues... AND WIN! 

comMUTE is a 4-letter word

"zoom" is our middle name

We are the trailblazers

We NEVER commute because we contribute...

Not take up space in an office building.

We never ask to go home  & We're never stuck at the office.


are met

And we put work-life balance before company culture.

If you ask the managers or team-building gurus, they'll tell you that what we do is impossible... Yet it is happening. Every. Single. Day. 

is different because we

Team wfh

define how we work

create our own workspace

build a distrubuted future of work

Team WFH can

change the world!

we are motivated knowing that work is just one click away.

i am Team